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Complementary Cost Analysis

We are confident that we can save your organization money, let us show you how much you can save.  Our complementary cost comparison is the best way to learn what your organization could save and drive to the bottom line.

The amount of savings you can expect depends on your specific circumstances and will vary among members.  But in general, if you are not currently a member of a GPO you can expect savings of 15-20 percent.  The majority of this will be immediate savings, and some will come from you identifying lower-cost alternatives and improving inventory management.

Triium offers new members a complementary product cost comparison analysis.  This process will identify areas of potential savings.  Our first level of analysis is an apples-to-apples comparison; pricing identical products from the same manufacturers.  These results will be shared, but we take this analysis one step further and identify substitution products and pricing; this is typically a generic or house branded item that functions similarly but offer significant savings.  

To proceed with the analysis, you will need to provide copies of at least one month’s worth of invoices for your organization’s office supplies, medical/dental supplies from your current vendors so that we have a good sample that reflects a basket of your organizations most frequently ordered items.

Every member will receive an itemized annual report that details its spending through Triium’s program and the associated fees that were earned from supplier partners.

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